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Angel of Mine

fic: Angel of Mine
Pairing: Pete/Patrick
rating: R for swearing and sex
summery: So you’re like an angel?
A/N: This fic was inspired by a conversation between josiemus_primeand kittygrenade. The title is also a song by Monica.

So maybe Patrick has a halo but he's not an angel.

Insomnia Favors The Perceptive

Title: Insomnia Favors The Perceptive
Author: seraph05
Rating: PG
Fandom: Fall Out Boy
Warnings: none
Pairing: Patrick/Pete
Disclaimer: This story comes from my own skewed imaginings which should never be taken as reality.
Summary:Insomnia can be both boring and lonely, a fact that Pete is all to familiar with. Though he has found ways to pass the time.


A/N: They say put your best foot forward. Hi ya'll i've been a peterick writer/ enthusiast for years and am very happy to join your com. Some of you probably remember me from other peterick coms (maybe not lol) either way here is a fic i hope you enjoy. My first fic posted in this com.
Title: Let's Get Lost (Prologue/?)

Author: moustacheparade

Rating: R for Cursing and IMPLIED SEKS SCENE.

Pairing: Peterick

POV: Unspecified-but-blatantly-obvious-patrick's

Summary: ...He'd be pressing me up against an empty shelf in the pantry, Breaking jars and moaning, Flailing his arms about, Like he was the only man in the history of the world to ever have an orgasm.
After all, he was Pete Wentz, And he could make a show out of anything...

Disclaimer: I don't own Pete, I don't own Patrick, Cut title by Fall Out Boy.
Author Notes: This is my first go at Peterick slash, I've always been more of a Rydon girl.. (A)
I've got some evil, evil plans for this story but I'm going to see what happens with the prologue first. I apologise for my grammar, would anyone like to be a beta? anyone? ):

in between my sheets, in between the rights and the wrongs..Collapse )
Author: snugglebud_x3
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Pete/Patrick, Pete/Clay Aiken
POV: 3rd, Pete's (except for the prologue-ish bit at the beginning)
Summary:After a few hours of sleep and ten minutes of returning missed calls, Pete texts Clay and asks if he wants to hang out before they stop being friends for good.
Disclaimer: Obviously not true, I don't know if Pete and Clay have ever even met.
Author's Notes: Merry Christmas, happy holidays, et cetera :). Enjoy this, Jen!

When Clay Aiken gets asked by some play production company to do a show, he doesn't think anything of it. (1/2)
Have yourself a merry little Christmas :) (2/2)

Hearts, Stars & Horseshoes. NC-17

Title: Hearts, Stars & Horseshoes
Author: ab_hinc
Rating: NC-17. Fluffy PWP. Yes. It exists.
Pairing: Pete/Patrick
Disclaimer: Not mine, don’t know, don’t own, don’t sue. Also, Lucky Charms are probably trademarked. So they’re not mine either.
Summary: Patrick’s mouth was a weapon. And Pete was gone. The younger man pulled off after a moment. “Magically delicious,” Patrick giggled, a seductive smile on his face and sparkles in his eyes.
Beta:: My best friend, Krys. Who ignored her family on 4th of July weekend to beta about a million stories for me. This is one.

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NOW! Darlings. It's time you all start posting like mad, whore the community and tell all your friends about us. 
REMEMBER: this community is ALL MALE SLASH friendly, you don't have to like just PeteXPatrick or RyanXBrendon.

Patrick's Attempt at Writing

Title: Patrick's Attempt at Writing.
Summary: Patrick is the only one who really knows "the" Pete Wentz, and decides to document it in the best way he can think of, which is to just write about it.
Author: conformism
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~3,600
Disclaimer: Don't own boys, don't sue me, blah blah blah.
Author's Note: First fan fic in awhile. It feels good to get back into this pairing. I'm going to try and put together a chaptered fic this summer, since I won't have much else to do.

This isn’t what everyone else gets to see; this is Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the third at his absolute weakest. Yeah, he’s made some mistakes and gotten publicly humiliated for them, but he can roll those kinds of things off his shoulders. Pete is literally his worst enemy. These are his inner demons eating him alive.
Title: (Not Quite) Only One
Author: ab_hinc
Rating: NC-17… Unequivocally
Pairing: Pete/Ryan/Patrick (Mentions of Pete/Ryan and Pete/Brendon)
POV: 3rd Person, Pete-centric-ish
Summary: Ryan wants Patrick. Pete refuses. Ryan suggests a threesome. Pete trips over his own feet on the way to Patrick’s room, thumbing his boxers down and yelling for Andy and Joe to “get the fuck out of my house if you want to keep your virgin eyes intact.”
Disclaimer: Not real. Unfortunately. If they ever decide to do this, I hope they tape it and it gets “leaked”
Warnings: Not much, but Brendon is 17, so if you don’t like mentions of minor sex, please be warned.
Author Notes: At the end. Beta'd by my best friend Krys. <3 her.

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